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Vehicle and metal disposal is a job for experts and requires specialist equipment. If you have a vehicle or scrap metal to dispose of, please call us or complete the request form to ensure you have done your part for a sustainable environment.


We are very careful to ensure that all our disposals are disposed of within the rules and regulations of government regulations.

DVLA Registered. When we scrap your car we notify the DVLA that your car is now off the road and can be de-registered.


   We use Environment

   Agency Licensed

   recycling facilities.

The disposal process:

We take care of every aspect of the disposal process – from arranging to pick up your car, giving you payment on collection, recycling your car/metals at our environment agency licensed premises, then notifying the DVLA.

What to do next:

  • Contact us with information regarding your car, we will then arrange a time which is convenient for collection

  • We must receive the log book and the keys at time of collection. (If you don't have the logbook for the vehicle we will still be able to tow away the vehicle but you will need inform us before we take the vehicle, you will then need to write to the DVLA informing them of your decision)

  • Your vehicle will then be taken to the scrap yard ready for depollution. The depollution process involves removing all liquids (oil / fuel / brake fluid etc…) from the vehicle, removing the tyres, battery and any other major non-metallic or hazardous parts preparing the vehicle for the scrap metal recycling process.

  • Your vehicle is then crushed at our approved recycling plant and the DVLA are notified.

  • You will then receive a letter in 4-6 weeks confirming your vehicle is de-registered.


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